Leigh is our Xtreme Hip Hopper and Head Trainer. 

A qualified Personal Trainer and certified Xtreme Hip Hop Instructor, Leigh has always had a personal interest in fitness. Having been in gyms all her life (following her fathers’ footsteps) and decided to complete a personal training certificate back in 2004 for her own knowledge. 


Leigh has also gained that extra experience working in gyms such as Next Generation, Ryde and Core 9 Warriewood. 


With her two children now a little older, Leigh decided that it was time to follow her passion of helping others within the health/fitness industry. So back to studying. She wanted to do something that was new and exciting around the fitness/health industry and dreamt of helping others in a unique and different way.

With our ageing population, Leigh decided to study with the Functional Ageing Institute in America with the goal to take her knowledge to retirement villages and create her classes around daily functional movement, including balance, gait etc.. with specially selected music to increase people’s moods and stimulate those happy endorphins and memories.


Then Covid Hit (hello 2020!)… Leigh continued on her journey, searching for what else she could bring that was new and different. Which is when she discovered Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil! Leigh fell in love with this style of exercise, where you can have so much fun without realising how much you are working out. She loves bringing her contagious energy to every class and creating routines set to old and new school hip hop, catering to all fitness abilities to ensure everyone gets a great calorie burn!

Leigh is passionate about Making Step Fun Again!