Xtreme Hip Hop Class


So much fun, all wrapped up in a great workout! 
Xtreme Hip Hop with Leigh is a highlight of my week. I was a little nervous before my first class, but on arrival that all turned into excitement.  Leigh has an infectious energy. She breaks down the steps to start with so you have time to 'get it'. I really like including something different into my weekly workout routine, and this ticks all the boxes - Nicola

For those of you that are a little intimidated by the “Xtreme Hip Hop” name, it’s nothing to be scared of! It’s one of the most fun classes I’ve ever done! I certainly finish the class sweaty and with a red face! Leigh has been very good at adapting the moves for different levels of fitness/coordination, as well as injuries. Thank you Leigh! - Shelby

Leigh is a terrific instructor. She clearly loves what she does. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I’m completely new to step, but the moves are easy to pick up. (Even for those of us who aren’t super coordinated!) The hip hop tunes are great too. If you’re looking for a fun, challenging workout and a laugh, I’d recommend giving Xtremehiphopwithleigh a go! - Sascha

Leigh is full of life - both effervescent and encouraging. Xtreme Hip Hop is such a fun way to gain fitness and coordination, all the while having a few laughs with others trying to do the same. At first watching the sequences looked a bit daunting, but as you learn the basics and find the beat, before you know it you’re away! Pulling off those coordinated sets like a champ. This is for anyone looking to sweat, get fitter and have a blast doing it. There’s nothing like it around! - Maria